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When choosing a charging station, first consider whether a wallbox or a freestanding model in the form of a column is more suitable for you. Our wallboxes can also be placed on a stand. This gives you an affordable freestanding option.
Will you use the one with or without smart features? Focus on where the station will be placed. Will it be publicly accessible?

  Charging station e:car WALL

Big stories have a hero. Ours is e:car WALL. . 
The charging station that was the first to be created and is the most popular among private and corporate customers. 
Charging an electric car has never been easier. The robust body made of solid steel makes the e:car WALL charging station a real knight in armour. 
The glass front panel, on the other hand, lends it elegance and customizable design. For discerning customers who are not satisfied with a range of standard designs, or for corporate customers who want to promote their own brand, IONT tech offers the option of customising this front panel.. 

Of course, the e:car WALL charging station is not just about an indestructible body and looks. IONT tech offers this charging station in various designs and in several equipment levels. 
Browse all the options and configure your own charging station to fit your needs.