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Charging stations for trials and events

from 75,-CZK per day!!

Charging station rental for events

​Are you organising a festival, exhibition or other event and want to offer visitors the possibility of quickly and easily charging their electric vehicles? Our charging station rental service is the ideal solution for you. We provide charging stations that are mobile and easy to install at various events. Help event attendees conveniently charge their vehicles and contribute to the sustainability of the event. Our charging stations are a flexible and modern solution for your needs. Feel free tocontact us  for more information about our trial charging stations. We are here to make your journey to electromobility easier.

Charging station to try out

​If you're hesitant about whether our charging station is right for you, or if you can't decide between different models, we offer you the option of renting a charging station.

With our innovative concept, you can keep a charging station in your company on trial for as long as you like. Try it out for free and see for yourself that charging an electric car can be simple and hassle-free. Our charging stations are designed to suit all types of electric vehicles.

Choose from our e:car charging stations

Charging station e:car COLUMN

The e:car COLUMN column charging station is ideal for public spaces. A robust and durable charging station that can be supplied with charging cables or sockets...Learn more 

Charging station e:car MINI

The minimalist e:car MINI charging station allows you to charge up to 2 cars at the same time. This charging station is supplied with only a socket... Learn more

Charging station e:car WALL on a stand

The most popular charging station in the private sector, the e:car WALL can be fitted with a foot so it can be positioned in the space. Here in the variant with integrated cable with Type 2 charging connector...Learn more

Charging station e:car WALL

How many electric cars do you need to charge at the same time? This variant allows you to use both the integrated cable and the socket, which is located in the front panel... Learn more

Charging station e:car WALL

The cleanest design is the e:car WALL charging station with only a socket on the cover panel. A simple and functional solution... Learn more

Charging station e:car WALL

Design of the e:car WALL charging station with integrated cable, the charging connector of which can be stored in a holder on the cover panel. Everything is ready for charging... Learn more

e:car WALL

75,- CZK

/ den
  • Size 30x30 cm
  • Rechargeable power 2 x 22 kW

e:car COLUMN


/ den
  • Column height 177 cm
  • Rechargeable power 2 x 22 kW

e:car MINI

75,- CZK

/ den
  • Column height 122 cm
  • Rechargeable power 2 x 22 kW

If you decide to rent a charging station for a longer period of time, you have the option to buy it back afterwards. Your satisfaction and trust are our priority.