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What do you get with charging stations from IONT tech?

Operational benefits

Operational benefits: our solution will make you irresistible to EV travelers, whether they are looking for lodging or a dining experience.

A competitive edge

Competitive Edge: You'll be listed as "EV Ready" on booking portals, which means you'll shine amongst the competition.

Dashboard navigation

Inclusion in EV navigation systems will make you one of the destinations of our modern travellers.

Positive references

Your commitment to sustainability and modernity is reflected in satisfied reviews that will attract more guests.

An investment with a return on investment

Charging stations from IONT tech are not only an investment in your customers' convenience, but also a way to get value for your investment.

Wireless power control

Wireless power control: Our charging stations can be equipped with wireless power control (no modifications), which sets us apart from the competition.

The high-end design

Top design: the IONT tech charging stations are made of high quality materials such as steel, aluminium, glass or even carbon. This makes them resistant to use in the public sector.

Charging clients under control

Every guest can have access via RFID cards or chips, guaranteeing security.

Contact us today for more information on charging stations for hotels and restaurants. Your journey to new customers starts right here.

Charging stations for electric bikes

No special preparation is needed, just a normal electrical socket. By charging, your guests can increase their spending and easily cover the charging costs. Moreover, these costs are negligible. We supply charging for smaller and larger venues.

Charging stations for bistros, municipalities and cities e:bike BAR

Charging stations for restaurants, guest houses e:bike WALL

The time has come to meet the future that brings sustainability and modernity.
With charging stations from IONT tech, you become a headquarters for those looking for more than just accommodation.