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Charging station e:car WALL

is the most popular wall-mounted AC charging station for electric vehicles. This wallbox is available in many possible designs for 1 to 2 charging points, and what's even better, you can personalize it with a front panel with your brand logo. A practical solution for your corporate charging, but also to strengthen and deepen relationships with customers and partners. Let our wall charging stations become part of your corporate environment. . Learn more

Charging station e:car MINI

Our durable column charging station is specifically designed for public and corporate charging, both indoors and outdoors. This station allows for the integration of two charging points and comes with built-in Type 2 sockets, ensuring convenient charging for corporate fleets. Like all our charging stations, the charging station can be equipped with an RFID reader or wireless power management. Learn morec

Charging station e:car COLUMN

The best-selling freestanding charging stations for electric vehicles, available in a wide range of variants. The cover panel can be customised to suit individual preferences. For maximum control over the functions of your charging stations, we also offer further customisation options. We can install an RFID reader for you to secure and manage access to the charging stations. Also dynamic power management and other advanced features. Learn more

Nabíjecí stanice e:car WALL PRO

Nejodolnější, stvořená pro komerční použití. S dvojicí elektroměrů. Možnost vzhledu krycího panelu podle individuálních preferencí. Pro maximální kontrolu nad funkcemi vašich nabíjecích stanic, nabízíme také možnosti dalšího přizpůsobení. Integrovaná RFID čtečka pro zabezpečení a správu přístupu k nabíjecím stanicím. Rovněž dynamické řízení výkonu a další pokročilé funkce. Learn more

Charging stations for your company

Whatever your reason for purchasing a charging station, we understand that every business is unique and has different needs. We bring you the opportunity to create a charging station to suit your exact requirements. In addition to our standard options and designs, which we offer at no extra charge, our local manufacturing in the Czech Republic allows you to get a charging station that is custom made just for you.

With IONT tech, you have the option of an individual design or perhaps an extension with a leg to meet your aesthetic and technical requirements. For those of you who plan to place the charging station in a public area, we provide the option of autonomous control. This way you will have full control over the charging process and its management.

We want you to have maximum customization options, so we invite you to continue to our configurator to explore the other options and specifications we offer."

Charging station placement

Looking for a small and time-tested charging station? Do you want to place it in a space or hang it on the wall? Then the e:car WALL, an AC charging station with 1 or 2 charging points, is for you. 

Charging station with company branding

Your brand is the jewel of your company. With our charging station you can link the visual identity of your development project, company or hotel to make it an essential part of your identity.

Charging stations from the Czech Republic

Behind every one of our charging stations there is a story that was created thanks to an idea and human work. All over the country, our colleagues have contributed to it, who have spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that your charging station is built to respect your requirements and serve you for a long time. With every charging station you take away a piece of this story that was born in the Czech Republic.