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Charging station e:car WALL

The most popular wall-mounted AC charging station for electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids in many possible design variants for 1 to 2 charging points. Possibility of individual design of the cover panel.

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Charging station e:car MINI

Freestanding charging station for electric vehicles available in a wide range of variants, allowing a choice between one and two charging points. The cover panel can be customised to suit individual preferences.

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Charging station e:car COLUMN

​The column charging station is designed primarily for public and corporate charging, both indoors and outdoors. This station allows the integration of two charging points and comes with integrated Type 2 sockets.

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Placement in space

We offer you the possibility to customize a wallbox primarily designed to be hung on the wall to fully meet your needs. We can equip it with a stand for placement in the space.

Individual design

​We can give your e:car WALL wallbox an individual design to match your house or even your car.

Customized charging stations

​We are all original and we all have different needs. That's why we bring you the opportunity to build a charging station exactly to your liking. In addition to our standard variants and designs, which we offer at no extra charge, thanks to our local production in the Czech Republic, you have the opportunity to get a charging station that is tailor-made just for you. 
In addition to individual design or the addition of a leg, you have the option of autonomous control when placing the charging station in a public area. This way you get full control over the charging process and can easily manage it.

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Developed and made with love in the Czech Republic

Behind each of our products is a story that was created through an idea and human work. Across the country, our colleagues have contributed a lot of time and effort to make your new charging station come to life and serve you for a long time. With every charging station you take away a piece of this story that was born in the Czech Republic.