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How to choose a wallbox

Charging station BASIC

Either a wallbox or a stand-up charging station is not bad at all. It has everything you need to charge your electric car.
It's made just as well as those with the PREMIUM label.

You can safely place it outdoors. The sun and frost won't hurt it.
It is compatible with all electric cars and plug-in hybrids on the market.
It has the possibility of autonomous control (when connected, the charging process starts automatically).
Variable power settings are possible according to the customer's needs.
It does not matter whether you are looking for a charging station with 22 kW or only 11 kW.
It is a charging station at a reasonable price.

PREMIUM charging station

At first glance, you won't know the difference. The important things are inside:

Smart control including load balance

The Load Balance function means that the EV charging station can operate in three different modes:

  1. Normal mode: the station adapts to the actual amount of electricity the building or site needs. When the consumption(of the building) increases, the station reduces its power and charging speed, and when the consumption(of the building) decreases, the station increases its power and charging speed.

  2. Eco mode: he station tries to use as much energy as possible from renewable sources such as solar panels. If there is enough energy available from solar panels, the station tries to match the charging power to the available energy that would otherwise end up in the grid without any residue.

  3. Boosted mode: the station charges the electric car as quickly as possible, regardless of the current electricity needs. This mode is used when you need to recharge your electric car quickly.

This allows efficient and flexible use of electricity based on current needs and available energy sources.

LAN module

With the LAN module, you can retrofit your station's control computer and get a reliable network connection via cable. Even if the control computer is equipped with a Wi-Fi wireless connection as standard, sometimes a reliable wired connection is the optimal choice. With a LAN module, you get stability and data transfer speed, which is ideal for demanding tasks and connections that cannot be affected by interference or signal loss. This allows you to control your charging station with ease and ensure a reliable network connection.

RFID chip/card

  • RFID Radio-Frequency Identification) authorization is a way of allowing or restricting access to persons or devices based on a unique RFID identifier. This identifier may be contained in an RFID card or chip.
  • A charging station equipped with an RFID reader for authorisation is where you can charge your electric vehicle, thanks to a special card or chip. Just attach this card or chip to the reader on the station, and when it is the right card, the station will allow you to start charging your electric vehicle. It's a quick, safe and easy way to access the charging station.

Energy billing

  • Assured accuracy: the MID certification guarantees that the measurement of electricity consumption is accurate.
  • Credibility: MID certification increases confidence in the fairness of billing. This means that as a customer you can be sure that you are paying for what you have actually charged and that the process is transparent.
  • Employer billing: a MID certified meter means you can fairly and accurately bill for all the electricity you use to recharge in connection with your work or business. This allows you to easily and transparently account for the electricity costs associated with your electric vehicle.
  • Error protection: the MID certified electricity meter is equipped with protections to prevent errors and misuse. This means that your bill will be protected from unauthorised changes to your electricity consumption.
  • Legal: MID certification is often required by law, which means a charging station that follows it is compliant and doesn't have to face legal issues.

All in all, a MID-certified billing meter at a charging station means that as a customer, you can be confident that you will be fairly and accurately metered for the electricity you use.

Tailor-made wallbox

BASIC or PREMIUM not right for you? Looking for something else? Write us or call us. We will make a wallbox tailored to your needs.

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