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How to choose a charging station for an electric car  

Where to take it?

When choosing a charging station, first consider whether a wall-mounted charging station, also known as a wallbox, or a freestanding model in the form of a post is better for you. 
​Our wallboxes can also be placed on a stand, giving you an affordable freestanding option.

Cable or socket?

Every user has different requirements and habits. Each charging station will be placed differently.

A socket is a clean solution and is cheaper. It is a safer solution for publicly accessible chargers.
The cable is always close at hand. You don't have to look for the cable in the vehicle. Thanks to the integrated holder, the plug will always be safely stored. When you are not using the charger, you can conveniently and safely hang the cable on the charging station.

One or two?

How many cars will you be charging at the same time? Do you have one electric car or two? Are you considering a second one? What if a visitor arrives and needs to recharge?

The Single Charging Station as the name suggests is designed for charging one vehicle.
Double charging station allows simultaneous charging of two vehicles. Double is logically a more expensive option than single, but much cheaper than two single charging stations. It is therefore a more economical option.

Simple or smart?

We've tried to make the choice as easy as possible. We've put together two options from every charging station in our portfolio. At first glance, they always look the same. The important things, like people, are hidden inside.

BASIC - this is a charging station with a basic function. 

PREMIUM - charging stations with an integrated LAN module, equipped with an authorisation mode with RFID chip or card, or perhaps with smart control including load balance.

A CUSTOM VARIANT - do you need something completely different or just something? Contact us for a customized charging station offer.

Home or business?

Charging in a business, hotel or restaurant will require different functions than in a home garage. 
​Home charging without public access - you won't need authorisation, but smart driving will probably come in handy.
​Home charging with public access - you will need to ensure that no strangers are charging. So you will use authorisation.
DHotel charging - you can easily bill consumption by authorising specific users.
​Company charging - daily charging of company cars requires accurate consumption data. You will need a charging station with a meter.

Still not sure? Contact us.