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The ideal charging station for the company fleet

The first important step to efficiently charging your company's fleet of electric vehicles is choosing the right charging stations. For companies, an AC charging station with a maximum output of 22 kW per charging point is often the optimal choice. These chargers are usually sufficient for corporate deployments and provide overnight charging of vehicles outside of working hours. This means that company vehicles can be charged during the overnight hours, minimising congestion on the company network during working hours and ensuring that vehicles are fully charged and ready for deployment in the morning.

It is also important to consider the possibility of using charging stations with the ability to connect to their own energy sources, such as solar panels. In this way, the electricity and operating costs of charging stations can be reduced. Of course, the choice of charger always depends on the specific needs and requirements of the company fleet.

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Smart charging management including Load Balance - what does it mean?

Load Balance means that the EV charging station can operate in three different modes:

  • Standard mode: the charging station responds to the current electricity demand in the building or on site. When demand increases, the station reduces its power and charging rate, and when demand decreases, the station increases its power and charging rate.
  • Eko mode: charging stations try to use as much energy as possible from renewable sources such as solar panels. If enough energy is available from solar panels, the station tries to match the charging power to this available energy, which would otherwise end up in the distribution grid.
  • Boosted mode: the station charges the electric vehicle as quickly as possible, regardless of the current energy needs. This mode is used when the EV needs to be recharged quickly.

Smart control allows efficient and flexible use of electricity based on current demand and available energy sources, contributing to a more sustainable and economical operation of the EV charging station.

Charging stations on trial

If you are hesitant about whether our charging stations are right for you, or if you cannot decide between different models, we offer you the possibility to rent a charging station from 75 CZK per day.

With our innovative concept, you can keep a charging station in your company on trial for as long as you want. Try it out for free and see for yourself that charging an electric car can be simple and hassle-free. Our charging stations are designed to suit all types of electric vehicles.

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