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IONT info

Our IONT info service allows you to be in control of your charging stations. You can easily use this application to monitor the function of your charging stations and their settings. With IONT info you will always know what charging is available and you can adapt the stations to your needs... Learn more

Charging station rental

Want to try out how charging works with charging stations without having to buy them right away? With our charging station rental, you can. For just 75 CZK per day, you can try out our stations and see what benefits they offer. This service is ideal not only for individuals, but also for hotel and guesthouse operators... Learn more

Installation and service

We offer not only quality charging stations, but also complete solutions for electromobility that include installation and service. We ensure that your stations are installed correctly and efficiently, meaning you can quickly start charging... Learn more

Fleet charging

Our charging stations are suitable for home and fleet charging. Fleet charging, however, requires the installation of a larger number of charging stations compared to both domestic and public charging, which has a significant impact on the installation costs. Specifically, this involves optimising the local distribution network and connecting to the local energy distributor. In some cases, it is necessary to add a new connection point, transformer or even an electrical substation. We are ready to develop a customized solution that is tailored to your specific needs... Learn more

Charging in residential buildings

Did you know that an amendment to the building ordinance specifies requirements for apartment buildings? For new construction and renovated apartment buildings, there must be provision for a charging station for each garage space.
Owners of electric vehicles who plan to purchase a new home in the future will find it much more convenient to charge their vehicles. As of November 2021, an amendment to the building ordinance requires that electrical wiring for electric vehicle chargers be installed at all parking garages in new and renovated apartment buildings... Find out more Learn more

Company charging

The growing interest in electromobility and the need to reduce emissions brings both challenges and opportunities for corporate fleet managers. With our comprehensive EV charging solution, you can ensure efficient and sustainable operation of your fleet. The growing interest in electric mobility and the need to reduce emissions brings challenges and opportunities for corporate fleet managers.

To find out more about how we can help with your fleet charging solution, contact us... Learn more

Charging stations for hotels, guesthouses and bistros

Do you run a hotel or restaurant and want to reach a new group of customers? Gain a competitive advantage. Your guests attach great importance to the availability of charging stations during their stay... Learn more

Logo engraving on the charging connector

A highly visible brand will strengthen your position in the market.
While investing in a brand can cost money, it has long-term positive effects. ​

​Charging stations personalised on request

A brand in plain sight is worth more than gold. Investing in an identity pays off. Companies around the world spare no expense to keep themselves in the public eye. Cherish your brand. We're happy to create personalised charging stations with your branding. 
IONT tech - charging stations with your brand.