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​Electric bike charging for businesses

e:bike BAR

is the perfect solution for charging e-bikes in your business, restaurant, bistro, bike park or in your community.
Are you looking for an efficient and practical way to offer electric bike charging for your customers, visitors? Our e:bike BAR charging station is the right solution.

  • The e:bike BAR charging station is designed to charge up to 8 e-bikes simultaneously, greatly increasing accessibility and convenience for your visitors.
  • e offer the e:bike BAR in a standard design for 4-8 e-bikes, but we are ready to adapt the number of charging points and the length of the rack to your specific requirements.
  • The charging station is equipped with integrated loops for locking the bikes with a lock, ensuring the safety of your e-bikes during charging.
  • The charging station is designed to be compatible with most types of e-bikes operated in the Czech Republic, which means you can charge e-bike batteries of different makes and models.

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Charging station for electric bikes e:bike BAR

​Are you looking for an attractive and environmentally friendly solution for charging electric bikes for your visitors? Our e:bike BAR charging stations are what will attract new visitors.

e:bike BAR charging stations and sustainability

When developing our products, we have put emphasis on one of the main principles of electromobility - sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of transport. Our stations are designed with maximum use of circular materials in mind, which means they are planet-friendly.

Flexibility and personalisation with e:bike BAR

With the e:bike BAR charging station, you have the option to customize the design to your wishes and needs. We can design a station that fits perfectly with your corporate identity, the visual identity of your city or even a conservation area.

Maximum variability and control

As standard, the e:bike BAR allows charging up to 8 e-bikes in one place, but the stations are maximally variable and can be adapted to your specific case. The type of output connectors is fully configurable according to your requirements. The charging stations are supplied with universal power supplies without communication. We can only partially fit the charging station with charging points according to your needs. Your charging station, your rules.

Compatibility for all electric bikes

The e:bike BAR charging stations are designed to be compatible with electric bikes operating at 36 V, which corresponds to approximately 98% of all electric bikes on the Czech market. With the e:bike BAR you will be able to charge most electric bikes without any problems.

Choose e:bike BAR and get an efficient and sustainable solution for charging electric bikes.

Contact us today and get an e:bike BAR charging station for your city or facility!

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​Locally manufactured in the Czech Republic

Our charging stations are not just a product - they are the result of honest Czech manufacturing. We make the most of this advantage to ensure the quality and individuality of our products. 
Our charging stations meet the strictest European norms and safety standards. Every piece that leaves our workshops goes through a meticulous inspection process to ensure that it is not only safe, but also reliable. The safety of our customers and their property is our priority.
With local manufacturing, we have the unique ability to customize each charging station to your specific requirements. We can create a station that matches your corporate style, city or environment. In addition, we actively seek to reduce our ecological footprint by using circular materials that can be reused in the same quality. In this way, we support sustainability and the protection of our planet.