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Wall-mounted charging station e:car WALL

is the bestselling wallbox in 2022 and 2023. This wall charging station offers up to 2 charging points in one device and is not only suitable for home use. It is a must-have accessory for charging battery and plug-in hybrid vehicles from a wall outlet.

  • Price from 18.500,- CZK excluding VAT
  • The solid 2mm thick stainless steel body is indestructible..
  • The 6mm thick design glass is durable enough yet adds visual lightness to the charging station.
  • The standard cable length is 5m.
  • Charging power up to 2 x 22 kW.

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Charging station e:car WALL

is designed for maximum user comfort when putting away the cable and charging connector.

Suitable for indoors and outdoors

The e:car WALL station integrates easily into the interior of your garage or house as well as into the outdoor space. Thanks to its design, it can be a great addition to any architecture.

For private and public charging

Our charging station is designed to meet the needs of both private individuals and public charging stations. Thanks to this versatility, you can use it according to your needs.

Payment gateway integration

If you want to charge for charging, we offer you the option to integrate a payment gateway, which will simplify the process and make managing charging transactions more efficient.

The graphic design of the front panels can be selected from standard designs or customised

If you want the charging station to match your environment, you can choose the graphic design of the front panels to suit your needs.

Smart Load Management incl. Load Balance

The Load Balance function means that the EV charging station can operate in three different modes: 'Normal', 'Eco' or 'Boosted Mode'.  

Remote management option

The operator sets charging options and restrictions according to the need, object or user via a web interface.

Up to 2 charging points in one device

The WALL e:car station offers up to two charging connectors, allowing two vehicles to be charged at the same time, which is particularly useful for families with multiple electric vehicles.

Delivered with integrated socket or cable

The charging station is equipped with a socket, cable or a combination of both.

Compatibility with photovoltaic systems

The station is designed to be compatible with photovoltaic systems, allowing you to use the sun's energy to charge your electric vehicle.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity

As a manufacturer, we offer the possibility to customize the charging station according to your wishes in terms of design and equipment, so that you get a product that fully meets your needs.


Our charging stations are compatible with all electric cars and plug-in hybrids on the market.

We can provide the station on your property

If you want to have charging but not have to worry about running it privately or publicly.

Available in 4 variants

  • 1 charging point - Type 2 socket
  • 1 charging point - integrated Type 2 cable
  • 2 charging points - combination of 1x Type 2 socket + 1x integrated Type 2 cable
  • 2 charging points - 2x integrated Type 2 cable

1 charging point

Type 2 socket

1 charging point

​integrated Type 2 cable

2 charging points

​Combination 1x Type 2 socket + 1 integrated Type 2 cable

2 charging points

2x integrated Type 2 cable

Standard designs

Antracit stripes


Burberry stripes

Petrol stripes

Plus minus blue

Plus minus moka

Individual design

We can give your wallbox an individual design to match your house or even your car. 

Installation in space

We offer you the possibility to customize a wallbox primarily designed to be wall-mounted to fully meet your needs. We can equip it with legs for installation in the space.

Personalised charging stations

We are all unique and we all have different needs. That's why we bring you the opportunity to build a charging station exactly to your liking. In addition to our standard variants and designs, which we offer at no extra charge, thanks to our local production in the Czech Republic, you have the opportunity to get a charging station that is tailor-made just for you.
In addition to individual design or the addition of a leg, you have the option of autonomous control when placing the charging station in a public area. This way you get full control over the charging process and can easily manage it.

Please continue to the configuration for more options and further specification.

​We care about the details

Would you like a custom motif on the wallbox cover glass? Perhaps a name? You can choose it in the configuration. Your individuality is important to us and we want your charging station to be a mirror of your taste and personality.

Fair Czech production

​We are proud that our charging stations are made in the heart of Europe. We are a manufacturer that places great emphasis on the quality and safety of our products. By manufacturing in the Czech Republic, we are able to carefully monitor and ensure the quality of every charging station we produce.

Quality and Safety

Our charging stations meet strict European norms and safety standards. You can be sure that every product that leaves our workshops is safe and reliable.

Customisation and Sustainability

Thanks to local manufacturing, we have the ability to customize each charging station to your unique requirements. We strive to minimize our ecological footprint by making maximum use of circular materials that can be reused in the same quality.

We are passionate about quality, safety and sustainability, and are proud to offer charging stations that are not only functional and reliable, but also environmentally friendly.