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​The ideal solution for resorts, hotels, guesthouses and municipalities

Our philosophy is to promote sustainability and reduce the environmental impact of transport, which is one of the key principles of e-mobility. That's why we try to use as much as possible circular materials that can be reused without changing the quality. ​

We can fully customize the design of the charging station to your needs and wishes. Whether it's a corporate image, an urban context, a landmark location or simply your own creativity, we are here to help you create the ideal design.

The e:bike WALL charging station allows you to charge up to four different brands of e-bikes in one place. More importantly, this station is highly variable, so you can easily adapt it to your current needs if you decide to add another brand of e-bike. Flexibility is our priority.

Standard designs

Burberry stripes


Blue lagoon

Polar blue

Individual charging stations

Every customer is important to us and we understand that everyone has different priorities. Thanks to our production in the Czech Republic, we are able to respond flexibly to the requirements of all our customers in terms of equipment and design of charging stations. We are the only company on the Czech market that offers you the possibility to build a charging station exactly to your liking. In addition to our standard variants and designs, which we offer at no extra charge, you can get a charging station that is tailor-made just for you.
In addition to the individual design or the leg extension, you have the option of autonomous control when placing the charging station in a public area. This way you get full control over the charging process and can easily manage it.

Please continue to the configuration for more options and further specification. pokračujte prosím do konfigurace.

Individual design

The e:bike WALL charging station underlines the visual style of your company or municipality.

On the wall and on the pole

the e:bike WALL charging station, which is primarily designed to be hung on the wall, will do the trick.

Detail is important

​Thanks to attention to detail and quality, our charging stations are truly durable, safe and long-lasting.

The charging station can charge up to 4 different brands of e-bikes in one place. The maximum variability allows you to adjust whenever you find you need to charge another brand.

What do you think about the possibility to choose the visual of the cover panel in the configuration? Your individuality is important to us and we want your charging station to be in line with your visual style.