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Charging stations

made in Europe
with sustainability in mind.

Durable thanks to steel bodies, beautiful thanks to glass panels.
Functional design and high-end components.
Popular for home and business charging.
Perfect for public spaces.
Guaranteed secure and reliable charging.

Wallbox e:car WALL

Charging electric cars has never been so easy and stylish at the same time. This exceptional e:car WALL wallbox is designed for family and apartment homes to bring you the convenience and ability to charge up to two cars simultaneously.

The e:car WALL charging station brings the connection between design, performance and sustainability to your home. Be a modern and eco-friendly household and furnish your electric world with the elegance and efficiency that the e:car WALL offers.

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AC charging station e:car WALL PRO for business

The e:car WALL PRO is an AC charging station in the form of a wallbox, which was created primarily for corporate and commercial charging of electric vehicles. This charging station combines cutting-edge design and corporate branding support with the ability to use a color display for advertising. This sleek charging station is powerful enough despite its compact size. It can charge two electric vehicles simultaneously with up to 22 kW of power. It has integrated electricity meters for both charging points, allowing easy visibility of charging costs. The e:car WALL PRO combines low acquisition and operating costs with high efficiency. It is the ideal charging station for corporate fleets and charging in accommodation facilities.

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AC charging stations for electric vehicles e:car MINI

The e:car MINI charging station in the form of a minimalist post, which has been created specifically for locations with limited space, but at the same time with demands for cutting-edge design. This sleek charging station is compact but offers a pair of charging sockets, making it the ideal choice for those who don't want to compromise between design and functionality.  

The e:car MINI emphasises the beauty of simplicity. With its narrow column and emphasis on minimalist design, this charging station is a tasteful addition to any environment. No matter whether it is located in a modern urban space or in a historic district

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AC charging station for electric cars e:car WALL

​Designed for both private and public spaces, this elegant column features a pair of cables or sockets. It offers unlimited customisation options in terms of appearance and equipment, so you can tailor the charging station to your exact needs.

With the e:car COLUMN you have the choice between two cables or sockets, allowing you to charge two electric cars at the same time. This is ideal for the home garage, car parks or public places where increased charging demand is expected.

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​Charging stations for electric bikes e:bike BAR

An innovative charging rack that goes beyond traditional e-bike charging. Ideal for bike resorts, bistros, restaurants and other businesses where the e:bike BAR becomes an essential partner for charging customers' e-bikes.

With e:bike BAR you have up to 8 charging points integrated into one rack. This solution means that you can charge multiple e-bikes at the same time, which is ideal for businesses with more traffic or for places where e-bikers are an important part of the customer base.

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Charging station for electric bikes e:bike WALL

A wall-mounted charging station for e-bikes that allows you to charge 1-4 bikes quickly and easily.  

With interchangeable charging cables and optional power supplies, you get absolute control over charging your e-bikes. Let the freedom of choice take over as you can adapt the charging to the most commonly used types of e-bikes.

With our wall-mounted charging station you become the master of your time. Don't waste your time waiting for recharging. Quickly, efficiently and with minimum effort..

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Charging station for electric cars e:car WALL

AC charging station for electric cars e:car WALL PRO

AC charging station for electric cars e:car MINI

Charging station for electric cars e:car COLUMN

Charging station for e-bikes e:bike BAR

Charging station for e-bikes e:bike WALL

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